Old Goblet Drum

Old Goblet Drum

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Types of Drums

Drums were with us for thousands of years, managing to morph into countless shapes and sizes that are used all throughout our history. Here you can find out two basic classifications of drums, and what those classifications hold.

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Facts about Drums

Drums are today integral part of our modern history and countless musical genres where rhythm section is powered by talented drummers that have customized their personal drum-kits. Here you can find out many interesting facts about oldest musical instrument in the world – drums.

Drum Components

Modern drums are often part of drum sets, which can demand from drummer to keep focus on many drum elements that he need to access on daily basis. Here are all the drum components and accessories that are used today.

Drum Set Configurations

Over the past 100 years drum sets became commonplace in any music band, forcing drummers to adapt their kits to their needs. Here you can learn much more about all the most popular drum configurations.