Drum History - Origin Of Drumming

Drums are oldest instrument that we have ever used, and here you can find tremendous amount of information that cover entire history of this great musical tool. Here you can find out how and where they were first used, how they expanded their influence around the world, and how they shaped modern music industry.

Djembe African Drums

History of Drums

History of drums covers entire history of modern mankind, from the first civilizations in the Asia, Africa and Middle East, to the expansion of Europe in Renaissance and current modern music genres like pop, rock and jazz. Here you can find out more about history of one of the oldest musical instruments of mankind.

Djembe Drum and African Drumming

Timeline of Drums

Timeline of drums covers entire modern history of mankind, starting with the Neolithic times until today when drummers from all around the world can craft their own personalized rhythm sections filled with dozens of types of drums.

Silhouette of Soldiers and Drummers

History of Military Drums

Very early in our modern history, drums managed to prove themselves as one of the most efficient ways of transferring information in military. No matter if on battlefield, drills or public ceremonies, drums managed to become integral part of military for almost 3 thousand years.

Drums Kit and Drumming

History of Rock and Roll Drumming

Appearance of the rock music in the 1940s and 1950s signified the begging of the golden age of the modern drumming. With public spotlight being firmly placed on bands that integrated drum sets as the core of their music, Rock and Roll history became one of the most important movements in the drum history.

Old Wooden Drum
Red Snare Drum