Famous Modern Drum Manufacturers

Here are the list of some of the most popular drum brands:

  • Pearl – Established in Japan in 1946. Today they are known as one of the best modern drum manufacturers in the word.
  • DW Drums (also known as Drum Workshop) – California drum manufacturer established in 1972. They became famous for offering excellent height adjustable sets.
  • Yamaha – Creator of countless acoustic and electric drum kits, as well all other percussion instruments and hardware. They offer numerous lines of drums for musicians of all knowledge levels (Beginners, Semi-professionals and Professionals).
  • Tama - Another Japanese drum manufacturer. They started their work in 1974, offering both affordable and professional drum sets and accompanying hardware.
  • Mapex - This Taiwanese drum manufactures is today popular by many of their drum kits (Voyager, Horizon, Meridian, MyDentity, Saturn, Orion and Black Panther).
  • Ludwig-Musser – One of the oldest drum manufacturers that is still in business today. They started their work during 1910s, introducing countless drum set models that were used by some of the most popular Rock bands of the 50s and 60s.
Side Drum
  • PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion) – Popular American drum manufacturers with many successful drum kit brands (X7, m5, FS, Mainstage, X5, Platinum series and many others).
  • Sonor Drums – German percussion manufacturer that was founded in very distant 1872! Their kits were used by AC/DC, Rainbow, Tool, Motörhead, King Diamond and many others.
  • Gretsch – Californian drum manufacturer that opened its gates in 1883!
  • Ddrum – Famous US drum manufacturer. It achieved its fame by allowing customers to purchase highly customizable drum
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Side Drum
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