Interesting Facts about Drums and Drumming

  • Drums were with us from the dawn of mankind. First as natural objects that we could hit, but later made as real drums, with membranes made of skins of animals.
  • Modern configuration of drum sets become in use during first years of 20th century. Before that musical bands used more than one person to control drums in orchestras.
  • Brushes that create softer drum sound were used in drumming ever since 1920s.
  • Drums are the most important part of the rhythm section of any band.
  • Many bands around the world are famous not only by their singers or composers, but by the style of their drummers.
  • Popular drum manufacturer Ludwing became famous for their first product - foot-pedal for tarp drums.
  • Modern shape of drum kit was formed during 1930s.
  • Average drum sets has 5 pieces – bass drum, snare drum, two toms, and floor tom. Several cymbals are also used (crash, hi-hat and ride).
  • Drummers have to use all four of their libs to play different drums.
  • First medieval drum kits were created in 1700s, after drums became foundation of rhythm sections of large orchestras.
Japanese Drummer
  • Skills that every modern drummer needs to have are limb independence, eye-hand coordination and good sense of rhythm.
  • Drums were extensively used in military, but this practice came to Europe only after Crusades in 12th century.
  • Drumming burns more calories in half hour session than cycling, weight lifting and hiking.
  • Drumming is the oldest musical activity.
  • People of Africa and India used drums for long range communication between villages.
  • Recreational playing of drums lowers stress hormones in our body.
  • Drums can be classified as Acoustic, Electric and World (traditional) drums.
Japanese Drummer
Japanese Drummer
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